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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  November 5, 2014 1:35am-4:01am PST

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"pump" up for $400, please. jason. what's pumpernickel? that is correct, and with that you move up to $2,600, and you take us to our first commercial break. we're gonna find out about the players when we return. [ applause ]
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welcome back. do twins ever get together and play tricks on their friends and family? let's ask caitlin malcuit. she has a twin sister. what'd you guys do to a teacher? so, um, it was an orchestration of my teacher in the third grade. we switched places. um, so, my teacher sent me downstairs -- it was a picture day, so we were dressed identically, and i called her out saying i needed to tell her something, and then we just pulled the switch. she went up to my classroom. i sat in on hers. took a spelling test for her and everything. okay. yep. but it was fun. it was, yeah. april fools'. all right. [ laughs ] jason newell is a quality analyst from chicago. yes. and must be a writer as well, because didn't you win an award? yes, i did. which was? it was a gwendolyn brooks young authors award, and so it was for elementary school students. and our teacher -- my fifth grade language arts teacher had us all write a book,
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and i wrote a book called "adventures, incorporated," and was selected to go to springfield to actually present my book, and i received an award for it. well, good for you. yes. you should continue in -- as an author. thanks. all right. casey laplante is our champion. now, you and i have something in common. we both rode in the cherry blossom parade in washington, d.c. i was an invited guest, you also were an invited guest, but because you were... a cherry blossom princess. good for you. from rhode island? from rhode -- representing rhode island, that's right. still have your tiara? it was quite an honor. i have my sash. oh, okay. all right. let's get back into this. jason, you have command of the board, so you make the selection, please. the james for $200. casey. who is monroe? no. jason. who is polk? polk is right. james for $400.
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jason. what's chesapeake bay? that's it. james for $600. caitlin. who is fulton? no. jason or casey? [ beep ] who is james watt? jason, back to you. james for $800. jason. what's the transporter machine? that's it. james for $1,000. [ beep ] great trumpeter -- harry james. let's go somewhere else now, jason. "pump" up for $600. jason. what is a breast pump? that's it. "pump" up for $800.
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casey. what is an air pump? no. jason or caitlin? [ beep ] what is a pump-action? jason, we come back to you. "pump" up for $1,000. jason. what's a sump pump? that's it. bridges for $800. this country's firth of forth bridge was the world's longest span in the late 1800s. casey. what is scotland? that's it, yes. bridges for $1,000, please. [ beep ] and his name is john roebling. we have less than a minute to deal with that last category. casey. poetry for $200. casey. who is eliot? yes, t.s. eliot. $400.
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casey. who is tennyson? alfred, lord tennyson, yes. poetry for $600. casey. who is angelou? maya angelou, right. poetry for $800. caitlin. who is poe? good, and now the last clue -- [ beep beep beep ] oh, we won't get to it. and casey back on the plus side with $200 but in third place, which means she goes first when we come back to start double jeopardy! [ applause ] when we come back to start double jeopardy! listen to this sweet symphony of flavor. beautiful! gorgeous! here comes the fruitful crescendo!
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at 50, i'll die of a heart attack. dr. regina benjamin: cigarette smoke causes immediate damage that leads to health problems, even death. those who quit or die are being replaced by a new generation of smokers. i'm dr. regina benjamin, united states surgeon general. go to learn how to make our next generation tobacco-free. closed captioning sponsored in part by... well, our two challengers are faring well today,
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but our champion, casey, not so good. here are the categories for the second round... [ laughter ] casey, start. i'll take words that start with conjunctions for $400. [ beep ] the conjunction is "but," and the word is "butterfingers." casey. um, unusual tv first names for $400, please. jason. who is morticia addams? yes. unusual tv first names -- unusual, $800.
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casey. who is milhouse? you got him. first names, $1,200. caitlin. what is sky? no. oh! casey. what is skyler? skyler. correct. first names, $1,600. caitlin. what is cosmo? good. unusual, $2,000. caitlin. who is gemma? good. autobiographical, $400. jason. what is a tsunami? good. management for $400. casey. what is all hands? that's it. autobiographical for $800.
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casey. who is steve martin? right. autobiographical for $1,200. jason. who's castro? fidel castro is right. management for $800. casey. what is micro? micro, correct. autobiographical for $1,600. casey. who is chelsea handler? yes. autobiographical for $2,000. answer -- daily double. [ applause ] you trail caitlin by $100 for second place, and you're certainly within reach of the lead. i'll wager $1,800, please. $1,800 it is. here is the clue for you...
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what is "sole survivor"? oh, darn, you're so close. it's not "sole survivor," it's "lone survivor." so it cost you a little bit. you're at $4,000. plenty of time, though. select again. okay. words for $800, please. [ beep ] what is to forage? casey. words for $1,200, please. [ beep ] and that is an ordeal. "o-r," the conjunction. "or." casey. management for $1,200, please. caitlin. what is chief financial officer? that is correct.
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management for $1,600. answer there -- the other daily double. and you are just $500 off the lead. $7,100 to put at risk. $1,000, please. okay, here is your clue... [ sighs ] gosh... caitlin. what is rolodex? no. no. what is institutional? so you're at $6,100, and you get to pick again. on porpoise for $400. casey. what is a killer whale? you got it. porpoise for $800. jason. what is sonar? we'll accept that.
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sonar, echolocation. okay. management for $2,000. jason. what's a 360? that is it, yes, a 360 review. uh...the big red for $400. jason. what's kabul? kabul, yes. uh, big red for $800. [ beep ] they were not the reds, they were the whites. back to you, jason. red for $1,200. caitlin. what is stalingrad? that's the battle of stalingrad, yes.
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big red, $1,600, please. caitlin. what is norway? no. casey. what is finland? that's the country, yes, with less than a minute now. porpoise for $1,200. casey. what are...fins? no. caitlin. what are their snouts? no. [ beep ] what are their teeth? casey, back to you. um, porpoise for $1,600. casey. what is pig fish? that's it. porpoise for $2,000.
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[ beep ] not far from here. the gulf of california. casey, back to you. um, words for $1,600, please. casey. what is...the andes? that's it, yes. [ beep beep beep ] and with that, you go up to $8,000. still anyone's game. all three of you will be around to consider this subject in final jeopardy! -- the supreme court. good subject. make your wagers. back in a moment. the supreme court. you could be at the corner of "i'm throwing away money" and "i had no idea." well, walgreens has your back. our expert pharmacists make it easy for you to save on your prescriptions. so you can keep your money where it belongs. swing by walgreens... ...where you could save even more with medicare prescription copays as low as zero dollars.
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before we get into the final, we have a change in scoring to announce. a few moments ago, we had a clue in which we said that finland was to the northeast of the soviet union. it's to the northeast of only the european portion
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of the soviet union at that time, and that may have confused caitlin, so we are giving her back the $1,600 we took away from her for an incorrect response. her score is now correct, and we're going to the supreme court for our final. here is the clue, players... 30 seconds. good luck. ♪
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caitlin, we come to you first. you were in third place with $6,100. which president did you select? perhaps fittingly because he wound up as chief justice of the united states. "who is taft?" you're right. what did you risk? and add $6,100. that takes you up to $12,200. casey, over to you now. we're looking for president taft. and we find ronald reagan instead. it's going to cost you. $3,800, dropping you to $4,200. jason, you wrote something down quickly. you're shaking your head because you crossed off "taft." i had it right. and you went to one of the presidents we gave you in the clue. a serious mistake, and it'll cost you $4,200. you're going to finish in second place. and, caitlin, congratulations, young lady. $12,200 is your total, and you get to come back tomorrow as a returning champion. see you then, folks. promotional consideration provided by...
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-- captions by vitac --
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and now, from the hilton waikoloa village on the island of hawaii, here are the stars of america's game -- pat sajak and vanna white. [ cheers and applause ] hey, everybody. thank you, jim. we appear to be in hawaii. thank you. appreciate that. on hawaii island. go. hi. how are you all? ah, you look ready for this. all right, our first "toss up" is coming up. the category is "things." vanna is in place. here comes the puzzle. and here we go. [ bell chimes ] and kaui. everybody else now.
2:02 am
[ bell chimes ] kaulana? hidden waterfalls. yeah. that's it. [ cheers and applause ] kaulana duldulao, right? hello, pat. from kapolei? yes. on oahu. what do you do there? i'm a barback and a manager at a restaurant on waikiki. yeah? and a ukulele player. you could say that. [ laughs ] i just did. it's on my card. are you now denying that you play? if you want to sing karaoke, maybe or maybe not. okay. but you've held a ukulele. and you've plucked strings. yes, i have. all right. well, i guess. i'm glad you're here. thank you, pat. congratulations on your 1,000 bucks. aloha. thanks. kaui, how are you? kaui: aloha, pat. kaui paleka-kama, right? yep. is from hilo, hawaii. there'll be applause. [ cheers and applause ] now, you married? yes, i am, and i have four wonderful adult children, and i come from a big hawaiian family. yeah? and you work for the county of hawaii? i do -- i'm a program director for the retired senior volunteer program.
2:03 am
and says here you play the ukulele. just like kaulana. apparently, everyone plays the ukulele. glad you're here. thank you. charlene campbell, hi. aloha. from ewa beach, hawaii, on oahu. yes. [ cheers and applause ] nice to have you here. mahalo. postal service? yes. and talk about your family. i have an amazingly lucky husband of 45 years. [ laughter ] i have also four children, seven grandchildren, and one great-granddaughter. wow. [ cheers and applause ] you teach the hula? i teach the hula, and also, i'm a musician. i play guitar. oh. [ laughs ] well, you'll have to leave, charlene. [ laughter ] not yet. could we have a ukulele player down here, please? all right, get ready. we're gonna do another "toss up." this one is worth $2,000 -- will also determine who starts the first round. it is an "occupation." here we go. [ bell chimes ]
2:04 am
kaui? everybody else now. [ bell chimes ] kaulana. fitness trainer. yeah, that's it. [ cheers and applause ] well. we appear to have established a pattern here. anyway, you've got both "toss ups," and you'll be starting in just a moment. right now, here's jim. mahalo, pat. and here's tonight's featured prize. there's only one place to shop in paradise -- the world's largest open-air shopping destination. nestled in the heart of honolulu, ala moana center offers over 290 fashionable stores and eateries, daily hula shows, and a refreshing island ambience. [ cheers and applause ] all right. so, "living thing" is the category for this first round. and, kaulana, you won the right to start.
2:05 am
let's go. all right. s. there are three of them. you can pick it up. jim just talked about it -- worth $6,000. you have a little money, too. i'd like to buy a vowel -- the a. there is an a. vanna will now demonstrate. i'd like to buy another vowel. the e. and here come three e's. you got a "free play." o. well, there's no o, but you had that "free play," so you get to spin again. aah! this time, we can't help you. yeah, you know the drill. i'm sorry. [ laughs ] kaui, your turn. spin it, please. r. there you go. two r's.
2:06 am
i'd like to buy a vowel -- i. yeah, three i's. good for you. now all the vowels are gone. l. two l's. n. and here come three n's. g. mm-hmm. two g's. there you go. h. there is an h. we're getting there. i have an important question -- what letter would you like? p. i'm glad you said that. [ cheers and applause ] now...
2:07 am
would you please read what's up there? say it! english springer spaniel. there you go. [ cheers and applause ] [ laughs ] what's the hawaiian phrase for "you're killing me"? [ laughter ] $7,150. yes. yes! we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] congratulations. like no place on earth, hilton waikoloa village presides majestically over 62 oceanfront acres along the sunny kohala coast.
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by act mouthwash. announcer: kristen doesn't know that soda breaks down tooth enamel. thankfully, she uses act restoring mouthwash. it rebuilds tooth enamel, making your teeth two times stronger. act. smile strong. [ cheers and applause ] all right. "before & after" -- the category for this next round. and, kaui, you're gonna start. let's have a letter. t. there's no t, i'm afraid. [ audience groans ] charlene. n. two n's. d. one d. buy a vowel. uh-huh. an a.
2:11 am
two a's. buy another vowel. e. and afraid there's no e. sorry. okay, well [clears throat] what letter would you like? s. there's no s, so nothing to decide. kaui, back to you. hmm. charlene, you're gonna spin. well, let's see what happens here. pick a letter, please. l. three l's. so... here's the deal. it'd be a $4,050 gamble to have a look back there, but there's a 50/50 chance that there's 10 grand. i don't know if you want to risk that money. charlene? yeah, i'm gonna risk it. oh, of course! well, pick it up. let's have a look. [ cheers and applause ] and it is... yeah! [ cheers and applause ]
2:12 am
[ laughs ] put it right there. now what do you want to do next? i'd like to buy a vowel. sure. i. one i. another vowel -- o. there you go. three o's. and you bought us out of vowels. they're all gone. r. two r's. c. uh-huh. three of them. is that enough? i'll solve! i'll solve! okay. volcanic rock and roll. yeah! [ cheers and applause ] [ laughs ] oh, my! [ laughs ]
2:13 am
oh! [ laughs ] she won -- $10,000. $13,450. we'll be back. let me have this. [ laughs ]
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let me have this. (tiffany) ask yourself what your children or cigarettes. for as long as i can remember, my mother smoked. she died from lung cancer when i was 16. i could not take the chance of continuing smoking and not being here for my daughter. i know how much i needed my mom still, and i didn't realize it until i had lost her. you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. "what are you doing?" is the category for the next round. and it's a prize puzzle round. [ bell chimes ] [ cheers and applause ] could make a big difference in the score. and, charlene, you're gonna start. n. well, let's see. i think there are two of them. g. and here comes a g. $2,200.
2:15 am
buy a vowel -- i. one i. buy another vowel -- a. two a's. buy another vowel -- e. there you go. five e's. that's why we buy them. oh! yeah. all that work. okay. t. three t's. pick up that "gift tag." a $1,000 gift card to any roy's restaurant. and you also have a little money. buy the vowel -- o. mm-hmm. three o's. and again, vowels are gone. h. as in "hat." [ chuckles ] yes, i've heard of h.
2:16 am
two of them, yes. all right, what do we got here? the old wild card. let's have a letter. s. two s's. pick up that wild card. kaulana, you have $3,450. f. two f's. getting there. r. there you go. three r's. p. yes, there you go. i'm gonna solve. go ahead. exploring the wonders of the far east. yes, sir! [ cheers and applause ]
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phew! i didn't even know you had roller coasters in hawaii. this is unbelievable. it's all downhill. you're going to china, by the way. whoo! [ cheers and applause ] kaulana, you're off to the place where giant pandas dwell. uncover the magic and mystery of china, courtesy of collette. explore ancient temples in beijing. enjoy a river cruise surrounded by stunning landscapes. experience the energy of futuristic shanghai. and delve into the history of this amazing country, compliments of collette, your guide to extraordinary travel experiences on all seven continents. see the world with collette. visit [ cheers and applause ] well, it's been quite a night. he has $21,818. we'll be back. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] closed captioning is brought to you by the following. announcer: healthy choice café steamers use steam
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babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks. a healthy baby is worth the wait. it's a $3,000 puzzle. the category is "place." vanna will do her magic touch and get things going right now. [ bell chimes ] kaulana. the driver's seat. yes. that's it. [ cheers and applause ] i thought kaui would ring in just for fun. kaulana: i'm waiting. kaui: i know. [ laughs ] we're all waiting for her.
2:20 am
"rhyme time" is the category for this next round. and, kaulana, you've won the right -- [ bell dings ] actually, to watch me spin the wheel, because that's what i'm gonna do. yeah, we'll add $1,000. each consonant will be worth $1,500. again, "rhyme time" is the category. kaulana, you'll start. a letter, please. t. yeah, good start. three of them. $4,500. [ applause ] shh. [ buzzer ] kaui. h. $3,000 worth. and three seconds. [ buzzer ] charlene. r. no r. kaulana. m. one m. "rhyme time." [ buzzer ] kaui. e.
2:21 am
three e's. no money for vowels, as you know, but you have $3,000. and when those e's come up and vanna moves out, you'll have three seconds to try to solve this. shh. [ buzzer ] charlene. l. no l. kaulana. l. [ laughter ] well, you might wait a second before calling the same letter. kaui, it's your turn. i can kid. they've won a lot of money. kaui. o. four o's. shh. "rhyme time." [ buzzer ] charlene. need a letter. c. yeah. the motion of the ocean. that's right. [ cheers and applause ] and i come with great devotion.
2:22 am
[ laughs ] to drink your magic potion. [ laughs ] $1,500. well, she's not the big winner, but she did great -- $14,950, all cash! it's all cash! whoo-hoo! thanks for being here. yeah! did you have a good time? i did, pat. you were terrific. you were lots of fun. you won $7,150. thanks, kaui. it was a pleasure to have you here. our big winner is going to china. first, he's going to the bonus round. hold that wild card up so we can see that. he's gonna take that with him. $24,818. we'll be right back. [ laughing ] that's good. i'm 55 years old and i haveback. diabetic nerve pain. the pain was terrible. my feet hurt so bad. it felt like hot pins and needles coming from the inside out of my skin. when i did go see the doctor, and he prescribed lyrica, it helped me. it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda-approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone.
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my mother, sandy, my auntie charlotte, and my girlfriend, melissa. they look pretty happy. he's got almost 25 grand. he's gonna spin the wheel and try to get some more. this wild card's gonna get him an extra consonant, too. okay. and...grab that for me. and walk this way. right there, please. there you go. here comes your puzzle. "people" -- that's the category. r, s, t, l, n, e. vanna, go ahead. huh. thanks a lot. [ laughter ] all right, three more consonants, one more vowel. k. that's one. m. two. p. and a vowel. o. and you have this wild card. you get one more consonant. b. okay. let's see what all this translates to.
2:27 am
wow. i don't know. it's "people." remember that. you have 10 seconds. good luck. famous who. famous...duo. that's right. [ cheers and applause ] how'd you get that? well, here's a nice one. you like that? whoo-hoo! [ cheers and applause ] kaulana, say "aloha" to a lot of cash. that's not a bad night, huh? $56,818. [ cheers and applause ] whoo! oh, my god. vanna: it pays to be a wheel watchers club member. we're giving away $5k every day! if this is your spin i.d. number -- at9833521 --
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put on more sunblock. "wheel's" fun in hawaii continues tomorrow night. toxic chemicals and carcinogens are leaching into the environment.
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it's happening right where we live, work and play. everywhere. cigarette butts are toxic waste. let's stop the toxic litter. learn more at fined $7,000 for this. a circus stunt that went terribly wrong. most of the acrobats suffered severe injuries. some still can't walk. olympic gold medalist hope solo pleaded not guilty to assaulting hear sister and nephew in seattle. the judge scheduled the soccer star's trial for january. we're learning new details about the fireballs that lit up the night sky over 14 states. nasa says one of them was a
2:31 am
meteor but that slow mover over chicago was part of a publicity stunt for an energy drink. those are just some of the top stories on this wednesday, november 5th. all right. we need to begin, of course, stinging defeat for the democrats as republicans reign on capitol hill taking back the senate and retaining control of the house. >> president obama invited congressional members from both parties to the white house. >> good morning. this was a huge night for republicans. they needed six seats to take control of the senate and so far they have seven. that number could grow. this is a major shift here on capitol hill. republican majorities in the house and now the senate. and it was, of course, a big night for that party but also democrats had a very rough night. it was a resounding defeat. and voters said they are not happy with the direction the
2:32 am
nation is heading in. republicans were hoping for a wave election. they may have gotten a tsunami. it was a huge night for the gop. they needed six seats to take control of the senate, and they got that and then some. republican challengers ousted democratic incumbents in colorado, north carolina and arkansas. >> i'm humbled by your trust and confidence. >> reporter: and in four states with open races due to democratic retirements, four republican wins. >> thanks to all of you. we are heading to washington. and we are going to make them squeal! >> reporter: kentucky senator mitch mcconnell is now poised to be the new senate majority leader. >> it's time to turn this country around! >> reporter: it was a bad night all around for democrats. they failed to beat vulnerable incumbent governors in wisconsin, michigan and florida.
2:33 am
in the senate races where they were playing offense, they lost. they also lost senate seats in states that were critical to president obama's own political history. even the incumbent democratic governor in his home state of illinois went down. pessimism ran deep this year. exit polling found that 55% of voters said the nation is on the wrong track, 12 points more negative than two years ago. and a lot of the blame is aimed at the white house. president obama's job approval ratings are at career lows. and the exit polls found that 54% of voters disapprove of the job he's doing. and president obama is already looking ahead. he's invited congressional leaders from both parties to sit don with him at the white house on friday to talk about a path forward and how they can work together after this very, very decisive election day. t.j., reena?
2:34 am
>> a lot of people hoping for that. we saw many high-profile campaigners. what was the payoff? >> it was not good for democrats. president obama, the first lady michelle obama, bill and hillary clinton were all out there on the campaign trail. all of them had far more losses than wins. that's not surprising when you look at the national map and just how badly democrats did across the nation. of course, those high-profile democrats would be stumping for the high-profile democrats. but good news for the republicans, jeb bush and chris christie. they saw a lot of big wins for their candidates. where this could pay off is in the next couple of months into 2016. they could call in a lot of favors in some very important battleground states. >> you wouldn't get through this without mentioning 2016. karen travers live from capitol hill. thank you so much. joining us with her insights is our deputy political director. >> shushannah walshe here.
2:35 am
you've been covering everything we saw overnight. your reaction because we thought we'd have a later night than we're having. >> although it is a late night or early morning it is all wrapped up. we thought maybe this would go on for days or even weeks. and it will. louisiana will still go to a run-off, but the republicans will take the senate. it happened earlier this evening. you saw joni ernst. she was the last senate candidate to be a switch, and so she'll have that under her belt as being the one that was the last to take the senate. and it was a huge night for republicans. and whether democrats want to admit that it was a wave or not, it was a huge night. a huge win for them and a terrible night for the democrats. >> if you are president obama, what do you do? take an alka-seltzer and go back to bed? >> sleep in maybe. it means either nothing is going to get done in congress or one
2:36 am
side or both sides will have to compromise. we spoke about this last night the likelihood of compromise. maybe that's just optimistic. but the republicans are coming in with a wave and with what they are going to call a mandate. so somebody is going to have to compromise to get anything done. >> a mandate for what exactly? some were already cautioning tonight. democratic strategists. don't take this as a mandate. they're upset, angry and some of the exit polling showed just that. >> that's a good point. a mandate for what? a lot of these candidates shied away from the issues and talking about exactly what they want to do. instead we heard people running against president obama, lumping their candidate with president obama. you're right. we don't know a lot about some of these issues. we'll find out. >> going back to president obama, d.c. passed legalization of marijuana. >> not all over the country, medical marijuana in florida did not pass, but what you were
2:37 am
saying earlier, t.j. is, whether it was a mandate or waiver, voters were in a sour mood today. >> all right. shushannah walshe, thanks for staying up all night with us. and our coverage of the midterm vote does not end here. shushannah walshe is here all morning long and look for more reaction to the election later on "america this morning" and "good morning america." were you aware you're here all morning long? we'll see you again shortly. our coverage of the election will not stop. we'll continue to keep you updated. another update we want to bring you on a story we've been following here. this is out of philadelphia where police have released new surveillance video. this in connection with a kidnapping of a young nurse. they say this man had just used the victim's atm card at a bank. he was seen in a convenience store in maryland 75 miles south of florida. the family says an obsessive former boyfriend of carlesha
2:38 am
freeland-gaither lived in maryland. now they are pleading for her return. >> she don't need to go through this. she has a job, a family, brothers and sisters. >> a reward in this case has now grown to about $50,000. and the hearing at which ray rice will appeal his indefinite suspension from the nfl gets under way today. rice will demand his immediate reinstatement to the league. the elevator video showing him punching his then-fiance became public. nfl commissioner roger goodell is still scheduled to testify. there have been no significant negotiations aimed at allowing him to avoid giving that testimony. and suspended minnesota vikings star adrian peterson is avoiding jail by striking a plea deal in his child abuse case. teammates say he'd be welcomed back in the vikings locker room. as john ehrlichman reports, getting peterson back on the field won't be that easy. >> reporter: adrian peterson was back at the montgomery county
2:39 am
courthouse in texas tuesday, this time pleading no contest to misdemeanor reckless assault. >> how do you plead? >> reporter: peterson an all-pro running back had been charged with disciplining his 4-year-old son with a tree branch. so severely, the wounds opened his skin. had he gone to trial, he could have faced jail time. with this plea deal, instead he'll receive probation, a maximum $4,000 fine and 80 hours of community service. >> i love my son more than anyone of you could even imagine. and i'm looking forward to and i'm anxious to repair my relationship with my child. >> reporter: for peterson's minnesota vikings teammates the plea deal was welcome news. >> you'd be crazy not to welcome him back into that locker room. >> reporter: a decision on him returning to the field lies in
2:40 am
the hands of nfl commissioner roger goodell. peterson's case is one in a string of players accused of domestic violence putting pressure on the league to properly address the issue. there will be no travel restrictions but he will be required to take parenting classes. t.j., reena? >> thanks, john ehrlichman there. most of the state of texas is under flood warnings and watches. tropical storm vance is weakening in the pacific but still packing a strong punch. it's picking up tropical moisture and tracking northeast toward mexico and eventually texas. it's expected to dump up to a foot of rain in its path. officials in austin are getting the emergency operations center ready. they are monitoring the radar and the roads. now here's a look at the rest of the nation's weather. that band of heavy rain covering much of texas extends up through south and the ohio valley into the northeast. showers also over the upper midwest and great lakes as well as the pacific northwest. dry and breezy for most of the
2:41 am
west and santa ana winds raising a fire danger for parts of california. temperatures a bit milder. most areas will be in the 60s. 70s in the south. 80s in the southwest. one more halloween trick and treat i'm told this is from the l.a. zoo. >> the first baby hippopotamus in 26 years born on halloween. it was also a bit of a trick. mama hippo was on birth control. >> the 10-year-old mara has been mating with 3-year-old adama who arrived from the san diego zoo last year. vets haven't yet determined the sex of the baby but say the calf is doing well and bonding with mama. coming up, returning to our top story, election night drama and what's next on capitol hill. also we can't help but talk about the 2016 race. also, what parents need to look out for when their kids get sick. and the tears flowing on the football field. how a trumpet player's version of the national anthem just made a grown man cry. you're watching "world news now." ♪ made a grown man cry. you're watching "world news now."
2:42 am
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hd5 hd5
2:44 am
♪ we return to our coverage of the midterm election. >> singer and former reality show star clay aiken had lost a bid to unseat the republican congresswoman from north carolina. it was a pretty miserable day all around for aiken. his campaign bus broke down yesterday and had to be towed. >> the state of utah will send the first female republican member to congress. a former mayor mia love will become the representative from the 4th district. she beat out democrat doug owens. a clear republican victory
2:45 am
in greg abbott overwhelm league defeated wendy davis known for his abortion rights filibuster. abbott paralyzed from the waist down will be the first u.s. governor in a wheelchair. he'll replace rick perry who is mulling a run for the white house. let's drill down on some of the races. we're joined once again by shushannah walshe. we'll get to virginia in a moment. let's start with a couple of races in the heartland, kansas and iowa. >> now kansas, we thought it would be a wider margin than it was. and pat roberts, the incumbent won decisively. about an 11-point margin. not that close when you saw how razor thin other races were and the independent he beat is not a democrat, an independent, was leading in some polls. a decisive victory there. in iowa, joni ernst beat bruce braley now with about nine points. also a decisive victory.
2:46 am
and she was that last senate win, the last six -- number six to switch control over to republicans. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. what kind of senate and congress are we looking at? >> it's more than likely he'll be the majority leader after beating alison lundergan grimes. there was talk maybe he'd be -- if somebody else would come up and try to be majority leader like ted cruz. now this evening, ted cruz said under no circumstances will he vie for that position against mcconnell. so it's more than likely we'll see a senate majority leader. this has really been a dream of his for his whole life. >> and it feels like today could be the first unofficial start of the 2016 campaign. >> the unofficial start, wednesday. >> what can we learn from the
2:47 am
exit polling so far about potential candidates? >> before the exit polling we have our own new abc polling that came out on tuesday. and it shows that 80% of democrats say that hillary clinton would make a good president. that sounds like very high numbers, which it is. of course, 2016 polls this early, a lot of it is name recognition, right? and there aren't really other democrats like on the republican side where there are so many potential candidates. democrat side you don't see that. that could be why you see that really high number. amongst the republican candidates you're seeing jeb bush leading, then chris christie, rand paul and rick perry. now why those numbers? it's likely because also they have higher name recognition. with chris christie, he's also, besides being the governor of new jersey, he's also the chairman of the rga, the republican governors
2:48 am
association. he had a great night tonight. a lot of big wins. big wins in some blue states like in massachusetts and maryland. >> okay. abc's political deputy director shushannah walshe. we'll see you in our next half hour. kids making parents sick. jokingly calling them petri dishes. and it's for a good reason. >> top four illnesses parents should protect themselves from. that's next on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. connection to nature is a right that the trust for public land is fighting to preserve. from boulevards to ball fields and ponds to playgrounds, together we have saved over 3 million acres of land.
2:49 am
a park is a gift that is worth protecting. help support the trust for public land and the gift of parks today. [female narrator] foods rich in folic acid like white bread and leafy greens can help prevent some birth defects before you even know you're pregnant. ♪ a sad reality. all of us paow ♪ a sad reality. all of us parents know when our kids get sick, we usually catch it. and usually it's a cold. >> then we bring it to work and pass it to our co-workers.
2:50 am
>> some can make adults a whole lot sicker than the kids. brandi hitt with the details. >> reporter: children are cute but for much of the year sick, sniffling, sneezing and spreading germs all around the house. >> we often call children petri dashes because they have a slew of illnesses. if they are not already sick, then they may be harboring something. >> reporter: while so many so-called kid illnesses are often no biggie for kids, they can sometimes be brutal for adults. >> many of these diseases parents may be already immune to. if you haven't had these before and you've been exposed to some of these illnesses, it could really throw the body for a loop. >> reporter: there are four illnesses they recommend moms and dads watch out for. coxsackievirus that causes fevers and blisters in the mouth in most. parents magazine managing editor got it from her six-month-old son. >> my son was sick for about three days. for me it lasts two to three
2:51 am
weeks. i was dizzy and nauseous. >> next, hep-a which spreads when food or water contaminated by another person is infected. fifth disease. in adults it can show up as arthritis-like pain in the hands with severe flu-like symptoms for months. and finally, the good old chicken pox. both kids and adults get blisters, but adults can become much more ill. now with a vaccine, there are fewer cases than ever before. >> one of the best ways is to get vaccinated. >> reporter: brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> i just feel there's really no particular cure or help for dealing with germs with kids. no matter how many times you wash your hands. >> you can keep yourself from getting success. they used vinegar and peroxide. >> i just avoid my child. i just -- >> you do not.
2:52 am
>> put her in the corner and say daddy is off limits today while you're sick. >> wash your hands.
2:53 am
2:54 am
i'm telling you i heard someoh!ng... (awkwardly laughs)
2:55 am
get out. enough's enough! d-con baits are fomulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. well, election day behind us now. time maybe to take a little perspective. no how you voted, it's still a reminder why the country is great. you get the freedom to go out and choose. >> the moment before a sporting event or game where you're given a moment to pause. it's a time to reflect. even for the players who hear it all the time it can be a very powerful moment. here's abc's john donvan. ♪ >> reporter: this was a beautiful anthem before the giants/colts game. chris botti on trumpet. ♪
2:56 am
haunting and soaring and so moving, that the big screen caught tears on the cheeks of the colts big wide receiver reggie wayne and the video of emotional wayne went everywhere because wayne never cried at an anthem before and he's had plenty of chances. he's 35. has been playing since 2001. a long time in football years. and that was it apparently. the trumpet reminded him of just how good it's been. "i'm truly blessed," he told a postgame press conference. >> i've dreamed of playing in the nfl when i was 7 years old and i'm still playing. >> reporter: the past few years, injuries have kicked in and slowed wayne a little telling him the end is getting closer. then look what happened when the game got going. >> reggie wayne to the end zone for the touchdown! >> reporter: yep, he's still got some of it left. this man with the anthem brought to tears but is not yet ready to hear his own swan song play. john donvan, abc news.
2:57 am
>> i love that story. >> you can catch these guys a lot of times. as hyped as they get before the game you can see them take a moment with the national anthem. >> 500 points in his career he's scored. >> that's a hall of famer. he can appreciate it. >> yeah. i like that. some other folks feeling patriotic exercising their right to vote. also exercising their right to take selfies. >> of course, this phenomenon doesn't take a day off. citizens expressing themselves with their selfies. #voter selfie was out there. this is from my neck of the woods. this is ginger o snaps showing off i'm a georgia voter. alex rappaport seen with the 7 i voted stickers. he got special authorize to give to his children. >> and one last shot. he sgot special thorgs give one to each of his children.
2:58 am
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this morning on "world news now" -- political power play. the major advances for the republicans as the voters take out their frustration at the polls. stay tuned for our extensive coverage. >> major developments in the violent videotaped abduction of a philadelphia woman. new pictures of the man police say may be the kidnapper. facing justice. the soccer sensation hope solo facing serious charges. what she's telling the judge. and stop streaming. superstar taylor swift makes a major decision about how you can buy her music. a recording industry bombshell. it's wednesday, november 5th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning to you all. i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm reena ninan. we begin with that seismic shift on capitol hill. the balance of power tipping in
3:01 am
favor of the gop. republicans are celebrating their big midterm election victory gaining more seats than needed. leaving democrats licking their wounds. dan harris has more on those critical races. >> reporter: you knew this would be a tough night for democrats when this scene played out in kentucky. senator mitch mcconnell declaring victory and by a wide margin over his young democratic opponent alison lundergan grimes. >> this journey. the fight for you. it was worth it. >> tomorrow, the papers will say, i won this race. >> reporter: this race embodies the big stakes of this night. republicans have now won all of the crucial seats they need to take control of the u.s. senate, making mitch mcconnell the new senate majority leader. some of the big republican wins include colorado, iowa, montana, arkansas and west virginia where
3:02 am
shelley moore capito secured a big win. >> for the first time in the history of west virginia, we are sending a woman to the united states senate. >> reporter: republicans are riding a wave of discontent. voters expressing extreme anger with politics as usual. 65% say the country is heading seriously on the wrong track. a pervasive pessimism that prompted many democratic candidates to distance themselves from president obama whose approval rating has dipped to 44%. and it certainly didn't help when obama went out on the stump and publicly said this -- >> i'm not on the ballot this fall, but make no mistake, these policies are on the ballot. every single one of them. >> reporter: that sound bite ended up in republican ads across america. but whatever side of the aisle you're on, victory does not come cheap. these 2014 midterms are the most expensive ever, a whopping $3.6 billion and counting. >> congressman yoder made news
3:03 am
by skinny-dipping on the job. >> cannonball! >> reporter: most spent on a barrage of political ads that ranged from terrifying -- >> terrorists committing mass murder. ebola inside the u.s. vote republican. >> reporter: to silly -- ♪ ♪ let them see that i'm a phony radio disc jockey ♪ >> reporter: to downright bizarre. >> i grew up castrating hogs on an iowa farm. when i get to washington, i'll know how to cut pork. >> reporter: joni ernst road this catch phrase to her victory in iowa. >> and we are going to make them squeal! >> reporter: dan harris, abc news, new york. republican tea party backed governors have won in two key states. florida governor rick scott narrowly defeated charlie crist after the most expensive ad campaign in the country.
3:04 am
both sides spending more than $80 million, mostly on negative ads. crist switched from the gop to the democratic party. he lost despite scott's low approval ratings. in wisconsin, republican governor scott walker will serve a second term after beating mary burke. walker made a national name for himself by clashing with unions effectively ending collective bargaining for public workers. he ran on a pledge of more job growth. another big victory for republicans, unseating a senate democrat in colorado. that means corey garner is the first to defeat an incumbent senator in that state in 36 years. did the incumbent's ties to president obama cost him his job? abc's linsey davis with more. >> reporter: one of the most watched, most competitive senate races in the country was right here in colorado. prior to election day, the headlines were that this was going to be neck in neck, down to the wire. a photo finish, some of the headlines said. in the end it was not to be. corey gardner walked away with the senate seat.
3:05 am
critics of udall say it was he was a one-issue candidate. he focused too much on women's issues. a number of people criticized him for voting 99% of the time with president obama. also supporting obamacare. on the flip side, corey gardner just 40 years old. he's considered an up and comer in the gop party. linsey davis, abc news, denver, colorado. recreational pot use has been approved by voters in oregon and the district of columbia. but the measure could be blocked in d.c. since congress ultimately holds hour there. a similar law is being considered in alaska where the results are still being tallied allowing the use of medicinal marijuana failed in florida. now that we have some of the results, let's get some insight from our deputy political director. >> shushannah walshe joins us. the headline, no doubt, the senate goes to republicans. it was amazing how quickly it all happened. >> a big night for republicans.
3:06 am
not just the senate, which was the big win. big win from republicans in governors and state houses across the country, including in blue states. unexpected wins really in massachusetts and maryland which was a shocker. >> the political reality in washington so much different than it was 24 hours ago. what does this all mean for president obama? >> it was a bad evening. it's going to be a bad day for president obama but the reality is that one side, either republicans or democrats, unless nothing is going to get done for the next two years, someone is going to have to compromise. you heard vice president joe biden say yesterday that they were willing to come to the table. we'll see if that's just optimistic. but we saw from americans they are sick and tired of gridlock and that's why a lot of what the anger went to the polls. and we'll see if one side comes with a compromise. >> there was a lot -- not a lot of money. this was the most expensive midterm. a lot more money will be spent
3:07 am
in louisiana. they have a runoff to deal with down there. where do we go now with this much money being poured into midterms? >> it will be more -- the 2016 presidential election will be more and more. you mentioned an interesting race. louisiana. this goes to a runoff until december 6th. but now that we know that the senate is in republican hands, it won't be the kind of money that we thought just a few hours ago. >> okay. abc's shushannah walshe, thank you. our coverage does not end here. look for live reports on "america this morning" and "good morning america." we turn to an update on the search for a philadelphia woman who was taken in a violent kidnapping. someone used the victim's bank card and it was caught on surveillance camera. here now abc's elizabeth herr. >> reporter: a mother desperate for answers making a tearful plea as police in pennsylvania announce a possible break in the case releasing these pictures of a man fbi investigators
3:08 am
recovered from a bank surveillance video in maryland, linking him to the victim. >> it shows a male using an atm card. her atm card was used at a stand-alone bank in aberdeen, maryland. >> reporter: it's not yet clear if they are dealing with the same man caught in this chilling security camera video in philadelphia sunday night. it shows 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither being dragged off the streets as she fiercely fights with her kidnapper. the man overpowers her and drives off despite carlesha kicking out the car windows. >> she don't need to go through this. she has a job. she has family. she has brothers and sisters. >> reporter: her family says she just moved to the neighborhood two months ago from maryland. she was attacked while walking home from a party for her godson. in fact, the family says a former boyfriend was obsessed with the victim but police are not saying if this abduction has
3:09 am
anything to do with her ties in maryland. reena and t.j., back to you. we're getting a clearer picture of just what those dramatic fireworks were that lit up the sky monday night. nasa says the dramatic fireball was seen over 13 eastern states. most likely a meteor. >> and overseas, this fireball streaking over japan also the real thing. but this slow mover over chicago turned out to be skydivers carrying flares as a publicity stunt for an energy drink. a lot of winners on the republican side. but someone else was a winner in new york. one ticket sold for the eighth largest payout in megamillions history and would be about $194 million in cash if the winner takes the cash option. the winning ticket sold here in new york. hoping somewhere on the lower óx where i bought my ticket. >> you don't have to win the lottery to be able to afford a house for sale in sarasota,
3:10 am
florida. how much would you pay for this house. lovely home, right? $1. $1 it can be yours. there's a catch, though. look at that. it's beautiful. the owner wants the property. you get this? you can have the house. but what you have to do if you are interested is pick the house up and take it somewhere else. that might not be a bad call, though. >> engineers say the estimated cost of moving this 2300-square-foot house, including a new foundation, utility hook-ups, you'll tack on $130,000 for the final cost. >> still might be a good deal. >> come on. you'll move a house? to where. then you have to buy the land. >> what if you have the land. 130 grand for a house these days? sarasota. this is your neck of the woods. >> not far from my hometown tampa. >> what does a house cost? young filmmakers remaking "the ghostbusters" movie trailer. is it as good as the original?
3:11 am
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3:15 am
♪ now that he's avoiding jail on the child abuse charge, teammates of min vikings star adrian peterson say he'd be welcomed back to their locker room. he pleaded to a misdemeanor charge of reckless assault for using a tree branch to discipline his 4-year-old son. he's now on two years probation and must pay a fine. peterson will also do 80 hours of community service and must take parenting classes. possible return to the field remains unclear. the hearing at which ray rice will appeal his indefinite suspension from the nfl gets under way in new york today. his suspension began when the elevator video showing him punching his then-fiancee became public. nfl commissioner roger goodell is still scheduled to testify. and two-time olympic gold medalist hope solo was in court yesterday. the soccer star facing allegations of domestic abuse. >> she's accused of striking two family members, and her case has
3:16 am
many asking why she's allowed to stay in the game. here more. >> reporter: in court, hope solo looked every bit the poised and stunning international sports star. the two-time olympic gold medalist and star goalie for the u.s. women's soccer team has pleaded not guilty to charges she assaulted her sister and nephew at a party. >> hope solo is going psychotic. she's beating people up. we need help. >> reporter: a far cry from the nfl where top player ray rice was cut for assaulting his wife and adrian peterson was put on paid leave for allegedly beating his four-year-old son. >> hope solo has been on the field and players in the nfl charged with basically the same thing are not playing. and there is the double standard. >> reporter: double standard or not, solo is playing well. breaking records while under the shadow of these assault charges and writing on facebook, i take
3:17 am
seriously my responsibilities as a role model and sincerely apologize to everyone i've disappointed. >> those expecting a plea agreement will have to keep waiting. hope solo claims she's innocent and the full story hasn't yet come out. with no conviction, she is free to pursue her biggest goal. the women's 2015 world cup. neal karlinsky, abc news, kirkland, washington. >> timing is interesting. as neal mentioned, 2015 women's world cup qualifying matches begin next week. people wondering. >> and the u.s. soccer federation acknowledged she's worked hard and is going after this record. she ended up setting it, 72, 73-game shutout. she's going for it and has the right to do that. double standard? yeah. yeah. coming up, the business decision that hit the recording industry like a thud. taylor swift's big move that
3:18 am
could challenge the way you buy music. ahead in our next half hour, the fireballs spotted in the skies in several states. we're solving of this mystery that captivated much of the nation. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. ing "world news now." >> announcer: hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh. uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system]
3:19 am
so, same time next week? well, of course. announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig okay. some are calling it a music industry smackdown. taylor swift versus spotify. now she's shaking off the music streaming service. >> she's pulling her music over pricing. how much more would she have
3:20 am
made if those fans who streamed her songs downloaded them? let's bring in abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: taylor swift now shaking off spotify. >> reporter: pulling her entire catalog from the streaming service and its 40 million users. swift's new album "1989" has already sold 1.3 million copies. streamed, swift makes $175,000. versus the $10 million she makes selling it on itunes for $12.99 an album. swift isn't the first artist to give spotify the cold solder. beyonce, coldplay and jimmy buffett keeping their music off the site, too. some openly criticizing the company for not paying artists their fair share. a point we pressed last month. >> you are writing the code but not the music. >> same with a record store.
3:21 am
a record store sold a record and kept 30%. they weren't making the music either. >> reporter: streaming may be the future of music. album sales are down 14% this year alone while subscription services like spotify are up 57%. for now spotify just hoping their love story with taylor isn't over. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> in my pilates class, the instructor uses pandora and she swears by it because you can use other people's music list. it's interesting that she chose to -- >> she doesn't have to do it. she just doesn't have to. everybody was up in arms. that was a really big deal for the recording industry. >> made me realize how uncool i was because i don't use either of these. >> you are so cool, reena. >> can you detect sarcasm? >> it's not sarcasm. coming up in "the mix," -- the millionaire who is sweeping the streets. >> really?
3:22 am
also, who are you gonna call? ghostbusters? a remake? call? ghostbusters? a remake?
3:23 am
3:24 am
yyou think it smellspet fine, but your guests smell this. eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to with febreze fabric refresher. smells good. so you and your guests can breathe happy.
3:25 am
okay. now it's time for "the mix." i love "the ghostbusters" movie. that's a classic. six middle school students who decided to do a gender swap of the movie "ghostbusters." take a look. ♪ >> ghostbusters. >> anybody see a ghost? >> they catch the ghost that won't stay dead. they are all that stands between you and the end of the world. >> the city is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions. real wrath of god type stuff. >> it's kind of cute. it's making the rounds. this is part of the boston international kid film festival. >> that's kind of school.
3:26 am
>> very innovative. >> do you mind telling us what year you were born? >> no. >> that's okay. you don't have to. since you were born, there have been 2 1/2 billion more people added to the planet. and i know this because bbc has something they call the info graphic. you put in your birth date, your -- i think your gender and height and it spits out interesting facts about the earth that have taken place since your birth. you had a billion heartbeats since you were born. nine creatures uncovered on the planet since you were born. in particular, the golden poison frog. also 388 major earthquakes since you were born. a lot has happened since you've come to this earth. good to have you. >> a moving planet. >> you are. >> what about you? do we know what you brought into the world? >> you don't want to know what happens. >> something about a lot of liquor consumed. >> yeah, right. i believe that. i believe that.
3:27 am
well, what about a millionaire? what would you do if you are a millionaire? >> not be sitting with you right now. love you, but -- >> what about a millionaire who wakes up before dawn to clean the streets. take a look at this. this is the man. a korean man living in bahrain. gets up at 5:00 a.m. to pick up the litter in his area. he does it because they call him master of clean but he does it to keep his community clean and feels passionate about it, even though he's a millionaire. >> everyone can contribute in some way, no matter how much money you have. finally, alex from target. a twitter phenomenon. let's show you the kid. a simple picture posted online. started going around. little girl started going crazy retweeting. it went crazy. turns out this twitter phenomenon apparently is just a marketing ploy. some marketing company put it out there to see how little
3:28 am
girls would react. and it is expect where teams compete to make the right decisions about safe food preparations. our challenge in this round -- read and follow package cooking instructions, and use a food thermometer. let's see how our teams are doing so far -- team 1? we just got 100 points.
3:29 am
we separated our raw food from our cooked food. team 2? we got a 100-point green card for proper hand washing before our meal prep. referee: we've reached a critical safety point in the challenge. okay, team 1, let's check this out. uh-oh, not a safe internal temperature for those hamburgers. that puts everyone at high risk for food-borne illness. you get a red card -- undercooked. always read and follow the package cooking instructions and use a food thermometer. let's see how our winning team cooked it safe and avoided problems. well, i just kept focus on the four food safety steps -- clean, separate, cook, and chill. and we followed the package cooking instructions and took the temperature. can you cook it safe?
3:30 am
this morning, your voice, your vote. the midterm elections. voters sending a strong message to capitol hill as republicans take control of the senate. >> tomorrow, papers will say i won this race. but the truth is -- the truth is, tonight we begin another one. >> political power struggle for democrats losing after working with an unpopular president. >> for the first time in the history of west virginia, we are sending a woman to the united states senate. >> even democratic gubernatorial candidates in the national
3:31 am
spotlight faced uphill battles. >> i know that you are disappointed. and being disappointed is okay, but being discouraged is not. >> voters casting ballots after a political season of discontent. >> i don't like what they got. don't seem like nothing's been changing. >> to me, it doesn't matter anymore. >> there are so many things going on that i don't approve of, and i want to do something about it. >> after getting bombarded with some of the craziest campaign ads in years from a hog farmer -- >> i grew up castrating hogs on an iowa farm. so when i get to washington, i'll know how to cut pork. >> to a gun-toting candidate
3:32 am
with plenty of political anger. >> pretty soon you'll want to do this to your tv. >> from political humor to election night drama, complete coverage starting now. a special edition of "world news now" on this wednesday, november 5th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."mípú >> good morning. the ballots are still being counted even after a record 20 million americans voted early. >> while the votes are still being counted, one thing is very clear. republicans got what they wanted. control of the senate. and victories in several governors races. our coverage begins with abc's karen travers. good morning, karen. >> good morning, t.j. good morning, reena. this was a huge night for republicans. they needed six seats to take
3:33 am
control of the senate. so far they have seven and that number could grow. the senate now belongs to the republicans. it was a huge night for the gop. they needed six seats to take control of the senate, and they did it, picking up several critical states along the way. in arkansas, republican tom cotton ousted incumbent democrat mark pryor. in colorado, challenger cory gardner defeated mark udall. the republican candidates in montana, south dakota and west virginia picked up seats that were open after democratic retirements. >> west virginia has done it right. >> reporter: kentucky senator mitch mcconnell pulled out a solid re-election win after a knockdown, drag-out campaign. and now he's poised to be the new senate majority leader. >> i've heard your concerns. i've made them my own. you will be heard in washington. >> reporter: one potential bright spot for democrats on an otherwise bleak day, governors races. democrat tom wolf defeated tom corbett in pennsylvania. a state that always carries weight in a presidential year. pessimism ran deep this year.
3:34 am
>> neither party in the aftermath of this election is going to be embraced by the country. >> reporter: preliminary exit polling found 65% of voters thought the nation was on the wrong track. 12 points more negative than two years ago. and a lot of the blame is aimed at the white house. president obama's job approval ratings are at career lows. and exit polls found that 54% of voters disapprove of the job he's doing. and president obama is looking ahead. he's invited congressional leaders from both parties to sit down with him at the white house on friday to talk about the path forward after this very significant election day. but t.j. and reena, i would not hold your breath for everybody to suddenly be able to work together. >> you're probably right, karen. thank you so much. to some other races drawing national attention because of name recognition.
3:35 am
jason carter, grandson of former president jimmy carter, was defeated in his bid. republican incumbent nathan deal managed to hang on to his seat and secure a second term. and victory for a member of another political dynasty. george p. bush will be the new texas land commissioner. the 38-year-old republican is the son of former florida governor jeb bush, nephew of george w. bush and grandson of the first president bush. now the first in his family, check this out, to actually win his first election. another big sign last night that voters are down on president obama. the republican senate in iowa is celebrating clinching a victory in a state that the president won twice. abc's cecilia vega is there. >> reporter: what a contest it was here in iowa. what had been barack obama territory was handed over to the gop. republican candidate joni ernst handily beating democrat bruce braley in this tight race for the u.s. senate seat. she's that iraq war vet, the mom, the harley rider that farmer with that infamous ad
3:36 am
about castrating hogs and her promise to head to washington to make them squeal. she is headed there now. the first woman ever elected to congress from iowa in a vote that was largely handed to her by men. this is a huge upset for democrats and for the president. cecilia vega, abc news, cedar rapids. stay with us as we cover the midterm election. in our next half hour, we'll take you live to capitol hill and hear from our deputy political director after this record-breaking vote. we need to turn to another developing story. flood warnings and watches across most of the state of texas. tropical storm vance is weakening in the pacific but it is still a strong storm. it's tracking northeast towards mexico. eventually texas, expecting to dump up to a foot of rain in its path. officials in austin are readying the emergency operations center, monitoring the radar and the
3:37 am
roads. accuweather's jim dickey has the latest. hello to you, jim. >> good morning. it's been an active hurricane season for mexico and now another storm system moving in here today. vance has weakened but will bring heavy rainfall, some flooding as it moves onshore here today into thursday. and then moisture from vance will be lifted on into texas. we're already seeing heavy rainfall. heavy rain spreading towards houston, towards galveston through the day. watch out for flooding here. reena and t.j., back to you. >> jim dickey, thank you. a major break in the case of a philadelphia woman violently kidnapped as she walked home. police have released new security video. you are seeing it here. that's the man they believe had just used the victim's bank card. they say the store is located just off a highway exit for aberdeen, maryland, about 75 miles from philadelphia. carlesha freeland-gaither used to live in maryland and still has friends there. wring ling brothers is being fined $7,000 for an accident in may which hurt eight acrobats. you might remember this scene. the women were attached by their hair to a chandelier-like
3:38 am
apparatus. they were suspended in air when they suddenly crashed to the ground. most of the women were severely injured. some were unable to walk as of june. despite dozens of surgeries. a new study is sounding a safety alert over the use of google glass. the device significantly obstructs peripheral vision. a study out of uc san francisco analyzing hundreds of images of people using google glass found nearly 60% of users had significant blind spots. it's a particular danger when walking around city streets, riding a bicycle or driving. russia is set to ban apple's iphone and ipad but not for the reasons you might think. it's a security issue. russia passed a law prohibiting online services operating within the country from keeping their data outside of russia. apple icloud servers are located in the u.s. the ban isn't specific to apple. twitter and facebook may also be
3:39 am
banned. a great story from the aftermath of the big marathon here in new york. at the center of this story is a runner from italy. >> he was so cold at one point he didn't feel his wedding ring slip off his hand. he posted about his loss on the race organizer's facebook page. >> a volunteer found the ring. it was returned. they met yesterday in central park where he gave the volunteer flowers to say thank you. >> what are the chances? >> what are the chances? 26.2-mile race. >> and somebody found the ring. that's a great story but, brother, you -- no excuse, man. i don't care how cold it is. you have to know that ring is there. >> i lost an earring on the subway. who do i call? >> how long ago? >> three months ago. >> don't hold your breath. "the skinny" is coming your way next. election night. a message only kim kardashian could send.
3:40 am
>> first, the fireballs that lit up the skies in several states. who is identifying these flying objects? you're watching "world news now." at the first sign of sick. t this year, we'll fight bk no more feeling coughy, mucusy...just...yucky. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. is this about me? am i the yucky? [cough] ♪
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use promo code: notme. call the number on your screen now. a live look at capitol hill. ballots still being counted across this country. it's the morning after election day. >> stay with us as we cover the shift in power after a record showing in a midterm election. now to a consumer alert. a major recall from ford. more than 200,000 cars and trucks being recalled.
3:45 am
this is just one in a list of recalls. among the defects, leaky fuel lines, stalling engines, faulty air bags. ford is contacting owners about free repairs. turbulence was so bad aboard an airfrance jet the plane was forced to return to paris. the a380 super jumbo jet was head forward jfk's airport when it encountered severe weather. four crew members suffered concussions but no passengers were hurt. let's turn to those mysterious sightings across more than a dozen states. scientists are trying to figure out what was lighting up the night sky. >> we're learning more about these strange fireballs and how one was actually a stunt. here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: the celestial fireworks lit up the sky, captured by the dash cam of a
3:46 am
police sergeant. >> it just kind of blows up a little bit and catches more an fire. >> reporter: hundreds of reports of mysterious fireballs came in from 14 states, including illinois where witnesses saw this slow-moving streak. that one turned out to be sky divers carrying flares, hurtling toward the chicago skyline. part of a publicity stunt for an energy drink. but this one over japan was the real thing. >> more than likely this is natural debris from an asteroid. >> reporter: they believe the flashes of light were caused by different meteors. this one probably the size of a baseball. too small to cause damage. >> you have to be on the order of about 20 meters. >> reporter: that's about the size of the fiery space rock that exploded last year over russia. the powerful shockwave blowing out windows, injuring hundreds on the ground. for fans of shooting stars, the light show may not be over yet. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. coming up, a busy night for celebrities on this election
3:47 am
night, including your boy rapper lil jon proving why he won't ever turn down. and find out who kim kardashian stood with on decision day and what she did to her face that scared her fans. next in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. her fans. next in "the
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪
3:49 am
leading us off is a very busy election day. rapper lil jon had yesterday. >> lil jon has been of the biggest hits of the year, one of your favorites. something we use around here. >> i just have to do it. i'm going to do it. >> knock yourself out. ♪ turned out for what >> lil jon parlayed the success into a rock the vote message. ♪ turned out for what >> there it is. that's his version. >> lil jon is from atlanta but he says the state of georgia never sent him an absentee ballot so he posted a shot of himself early yesterday waiting for his 6:00 a.m. flight from l.a. to atl just so he could take part in the democratic process. congrats to him for making that effort. also taking part, kim kardashian. she posted of a picture that
3:50 am
shows, look at it. that's her. a cartoon version of her and president obama. >> the caption reading, "i'm standing with president obama in the midterm election." maybe she didn't realize that president obama wasn't on the ballot. she didn't state she was voting for him. in other kim kardashian news -- there's more -- she's raising some eyebrows by erasing her own. that's her on the left. she posted a photo on instagram but warned her fans don't be alarmed. she bleached her eyebrows for a photo shoot. i wonder what kanye thought. >> saying that's my bride, that's my baby. well, tom cruise has been making headlines for movie stunts. now he has everyone else flipping out. his colorado ranch is now for sale. for the price tag of $59 million. >> cruise spent years designing this rocky mountain escape outside the resort town of
3:51 am
telluride. it boasts 10,000 square feet and a gym, library and rec room. >> actually, because of the views and surroundings, you probably want to be outside. we don't have word if anybody has taken him up on the $59 million offer. another big night for country music. the cmas will be live from nashville. this year's lineup is shaping up to be not only bigger and better but more diverse. >> the biggest country acts to take the stage. miranda lambert will be joined by "all about that" base singer meghan trainor and ariana grande will be forming with little big town. classic rockers will also be forming. you'll see the usuals, blake shelton, jennifer nettles of sugarland. >> brad paisley and carrie underwood are co-hosting. "america this morning" i can't wait to sing my country music
3:52 am
rendition. >> a little bit of everything. stay tuned. maybe we can get a little -- what else can we get in there? >> you never know. it's election morning. help protect with a spray. before the first tissue, help defend with a wipe. and help prevent with lysol. to get ten times more protection and kill 99.9% of germs around the house. this season, help protect your family with lysol. start healthing. i'm telling you i heard someoh!ng... (awkwardly laughs)
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and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. ♪ ♪ ♪ when you hear a hit song, whether you love it or hate it you often cannot deny that you know it. now there's scientific research that explains why you do. >> these are catchy songs that get in your head and even years don the road you can immediately recognize them. it's exciting sometimes, haunting and apparently there's something to it.
3:56 am
♪ because you know i'm all about the bass ♪ >> they are the songs you just can't get out of your head. ♪ just dance ♪ shake it off >> those pesky ear worms that repeat in your mind over and over even when you aren't listening. ♪ under my umbrella >> now a pop song earning the distinction of being the catchiest of all time. ♪ if you wanna be my lover >> the spice girls "wanna be." the museum collected data from 12,000 people who listened to clips from 1,000 hit songs over the past 70 years ranking the top 20 songs by how quickly people recognize them. people recognize "wanna be" in 2.2 seconds. number two on the list -- "mambo number 5" taking just 2.48 seconds to guess the tune. in third, '80s classic "eye of the tiger" recognized in 2.62
3:57 am
seconds. ♪ eye of the tiger >> others included in the top ten -- ♪ pretty woman walking down the street ♪ ♪ beat it >> rounding out the list at number 20 -- ♪ like a candle in the wind never knowing ♪ >> science behind this. >> i have all those songs on my ipod. they are all catchy and great. >> they are catchy. and great, though? no, there's -- used to this. if they can understand music memory they can unlock the key to dementia and try to treat people with dementia. so there's a use to it but there's some science behind why there's all that stuff in your head. >> stop looking at me crazy between commercial breaks when i'm sing these songs. >> i'll probably never stop looking at you crazy.
3:58 am
3:59 am
eight years into the disease was when all the light went out. for me, it was heart-wrenching. look into the eyes of somebody with alzheimer's sometime, you just don't see -- the person's soul is, like, gone. bea: and it takes a toll on everyone. i mean, it's -- it's a depressing disease to watch unfold before your eyes. she actually thought those of us who were caring for her and who loved her most were her worst enemies. more and more responsibilities fell on my shoulders. lisa: this disease just ravages a family. it changes your life. the magnitude of it is indescribable. my mother taught me to be in the moment. we have to live in the moment with them. and i'm going to be with that person right now, in this moment, wherever she is. art: now is the moment. if we work together, we can stop this epidemic. grace: contact brightfocus and learn more.
4:00 am
your vote. this morning, your voice, your vote. devastation for the democrats. >> we are heading to washington. and we are going to make them squeal. >> major gop victories create a change overnight on the political map. >> they're hungry for new leadership. they want a reason to be hopeful. >> a republican wave putting democrats in the backseat on capitol hill. >> i know that you are disappointed. and being disappointed is okay. but being discouraged is not. >> this morning, washington and president obam


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